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The NAJU (Youth Association for the Protection of Nature ) is the independent youth division of NABU. It is Germany’s largest young people’s organisation for the protection of nature and the environment. Founded in 1982, its goal is to protect biodiversity and to conserve the natural foundations for human life through a range of active conservation measures.

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The largest young people’s organisation for nature conservation

With over 100,000 members, NAJU is Germany’s largest young people’s organisation for extra-curricular environmental education, environmental protection and practical conservation work. NAJU is active throughout Germany thanks to its 16 state associations and over 1,000 local groups. NAJU also works with an extensive network of other organisations in Germany and abroad on various projects.

NAJU’s activities are aimed at conserving nature, the basis for all life. By allowing young people to experience nature and to play a part in practical nature conservation and in shaping environmental policy, NAJU is helping to pave the way towards a sustainable society worldwide for current and future generations of young people.

NAJU provides young people with a sound knowledge of the plant and animal world and a clearer understanding of how ecosystems work. Continual further training and development of our staff ensures that the environmental education we offer is always up to date and is of the highest quality.

Keeping a critical eye on environmental policy developments

NAJU keeps a critical eye on environmental policy developments, giving young people a voice and encouraging them to take part in debates, projects, campaigns and to make political demands. The organisation acts responsibly, setting an example for sustainable consumption and lifestyle. Among other things, its working groups at the federal and state level focus on promoting a socially compatible transition to renewable energy, ecological agriculture, climate protection and the maintenance of biodiversity.

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