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NAJU's Youth Division

NAJU offers teenagers and young adults aged 14 to 27 a wide variety of opportunities to get involved with nature and the environment. NAJU and NABU groups work together to carry out important conservation projects in their local area. Focusing their efforts on a wide variety of natural habitats, from meadow orchards to riverbanks to moors, they work hard to conserve nature and the environment.

But that’s not all! Each year the NAJU youth campaigns present exciting topics and major projects. These provide an opportunity to get involved with climate change projects or environmental and sporting issues at the international level.


Example: Bundescamp

Example: Bundescamp

Bundescamp is NAJU’s national youth environment festival. In 2011 over 400 young people met there to tackle issues relating to sustainable consumerism and production. Alongside heated discussions with political representatives, the NAJU Bundescamp offered participants the chance to take part in a variety of environmental and nature conservation workshops, and to enjoy some great concerts. What more could you want from a summer festival!


Example: Less is more

Example: Less is More

The Grundlos Glücklich (Less is More) project familiarises young people with sustainable development, taking land use as an example, and encourages them to take part in practical educational activities outside school or university. Via meetings with experts, brochures, trials and a youth meeting, they share relevant campaign ideas and information for their target group, and work together to develop them further. The project helps young people to get involved in urban development in a wide variety of different ways.


Example: WiLD


Wildes Land Deutschland (The Wild Land of Germany) was the 2009 youth campaign by NAJU, which aimed to protect Germany’s wild side - from its tallest trees to its smallest pipistrelle bats. During the Wi.L.D campaign, young conservationists were encouraged to actively do something for the wild things at their doorstep.


Example: NAJU conservation wiki

Example: NAJU conservation wiki

The NAJU conservation wiki is the online encyclopaedia about conserving nature and the environment. This open community platform features hundreds of specialist articles and lots of practical tips for actively working to conserve nature.

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