Tag 3: Busy Tuesday

Petra Kugel
Petra Kugel

Michal Levartovsky about the third day:

Tuesday was a busy day. A very busy day if you ask me.  We started out by listening to Marc trying very bravely to explain to us what and who NABU is and what it is that all you fine people do. If I understood it correctly the key words are volunteers and…. Associations.

Later Julia took over and expanded on the volunteer action taking place at NABU.

And then….. came the stork game presented to us by Bianca . That was when things got really exciting. A fun and well thought out children's game about a bird can turn even serious adults into children. The educators in our group were very impressed by the idea and execution and there was much talk about collaboration.

After a short break we continued to the Holocaust Memorial monument and museum. For me as a third generation Holocaust survivor it was a difficult journey which I admit I was not very well prepared for. The monument itself is a very moving formation of rocks, like walking through a live cemetery with many other people around. It feels so lonely but you are never really alone. Other people appear and disappear and the noise of the busy city is all around you. On the lower rocks people sit, laugh and rest while waiting for their friends. The contrast is overwhelming. We also visited the underground Jewish Holocaust museum while we were there and left the place in silence.

We continued to the Tiergarten for some after work urban birding, again done by NABU's amazing volunteers. I was impressed. Nadav our birdman was delighted

The day ended with taste of the best pizza pie I've had in a while and a good night's sleep.  

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