Tag 2: So many candies / we are not crazy tree huggers

Today, Boaz (director of the Ein Gedi SPNI field school), writes about his impressions:

We began the morning in the NABU/ NAJU offices.  We got introduced to NAJU and NABU by Chris, Ike and Lars, learning about these two organizations, nature and bird preservation. Between the words one could hear the enthusiasm and the passion not only to nature, but also to people.
I realized both organizations, NABU/NAJU and the SPNI, people carry it, this crazy love for what we do and being proud of it. We are not these crazy tree huggers that love only nature. We love the people and we know human hearts cant tick if there will be no birds singing, wolf stepping in the woods, or trees dancing in the wind.
Inspiration-while hearing them, questions came up… How do you do that…? Why do you
  …? Can you do…? And also Can we do…? We’ve learned about the similarities and  differences between the SPNI and NABU\NAJU and got many inspiring ideas. I could almost hear those seeds getting into ground. Seeds of good ideas.
Best moment of the day-that would be going up to see the offices.
Like young kids in a candy store we moved around the room, looking at all the papers, books and stickers. It was all very organized and beautiful. Did you see that? Can I take that? What is that? We kept on asking.

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