Tag 1: Igniting the Learning Process


Maya, who is in charge of the youth activities of the Tel Aviv section of SPNI, about the first day of the exchange:

 The thing I like the most about starting something is the overwhelming feeling everything has. Sometimes it's only the settings of the situation and sometimes it's the excitement you can actually feel in the air.

An Exchange project holds the two kinds: the changing of the environment, getting out of your routine, and the amount of energy each one brings.
There is evolving involved, the fusion between the worlds creates a new energy, and this is, as I discovered today, the ignition point of big ideas.
It seems to me inspiration is using mental thermals coming out of these collisions, as avian using thermals under their wings to fly.

As the exchange program continues I'm curious to see where these ideas and inspiration would land and where it would take us.

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